ChemGenix was founded in 2013, located in Hyderabad, India, which is a professional manufacturer specialized intermediates and General Formulations. Our own Research & Development Centre in Hyderabad have fully equipped production line under strict quality control adhearing to improve production channels from time to time.

ChemGenix offers an array of products and services to the chemicals, healthcare and bio-tech industries. Our integrated approach to business makes us a unique "one-stop" company.We are a company with a stead fast focus on specialty chemicals that is distinct from others and very different from who and what we have been in the past.

ChemGenix aim is to become one of the top specialty chemical supply company of the next generation. This is clearly our aspiration, but it's what we are committed to and what we believe we can achieve … because of the system, culture we are working to build.

Through our overall experience and expertise we bring to you high quality specialty chemicals at extremely competitive prices from our shelfs. Our products have gained acceptance nationally and internationally and our commitment and dedication have allowed us to maintain a strong and loyal customer base.

Our aim is to continuously improve our customer service with the latest technology to reduce the response time and be accurate.